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Buyer Agent Services provided in a Real Estate Transaction

Needs Assessment
  • Pay attention to the Buyer’s needs. If a buyer contacts a brokerage company about representation, the brokerage can devote full attention to the buyer’s needs including financing, motivation and timing.
  • Buyer can talk freely. Confidentiality enables a buyer-client to provide information without fear of harming their negotiating position.
  • Suggest alternative solutions. A brokerage company’s duty of undivided attention enables the Buyer Broker to suggest alternatives to meet the buyer’s needs.
Property Selection
  • Find the best property for the buyer-client. The buyer’s representative has access to the entire market through the Multiple List Service (MLS).
  • “Leave no stone unturned” The buyer’s representative can encourage and promote the search for an appropriate property through “Property Wanted” print media, “For Sale by Owners” and directly to owners not currently on the market.
  • The Buyer has first opportunity to view new listings.
  • All properties are available. Property selection is not limited to the seller’s list price, as property’s price can be negotiated.
Viewing Properties
  • Give advice accompanied by facts. The Brokerage company will assist the buyer-client in making an objective evaluation of a property, including positives and negatives.
  • Educate the buyer. The buyer’s representative will help the client make an objective comparison.
Negotiating the Purchase Agreement
  • Educate the buyer by planning a negotiating strategy.
  • Suggest procedures that will strengthen the buyer’s negotiating position.
  • Price: provide counseling and information for a buyer-agent. Provide information on similar properties, which have sold recently, and those that are still on the market.
  • Contract: Suggest approved protective clauses for the purchase agreement to protect the buyer.
  • Financing: Suggest financing alternatives that may be in the buyer client’s best interest.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the client in an appropriate manner.
  • Continue services to the buyer client during negotiations. Continue to search for other appropriate properties to enhance the buyer’s negotiating position.
  • Strengthen the buyer’s negotiating position. Any information about the seller that would aid the buyer-client’s negotiating position should be disclosed.
Follow Through after the Purchase Agreement
  • After the purchase contract has been negotiated, follow through and attempt to solve problems to the buyer’s satisfaction.
  • Buyer-client and seller are kept in formed of progress in preparing for the closing.

Fiduciary Duties of a Buyer’s Agent
  • Provide undivided loyalty to you, and put your interests first
  • Follow your lawful instructions
  • Provide full disclosure and provide you with all material facts that could influence your decision
  • Use reasonable skill, care and diligence to achieve your goals
  • Account for all funds handled for you, safeguard any moneys entrusted to the buyer’s agent
  • Keep all buyer’s personal information confidential
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